Breathing Life into Ceramics since 1985

Thimi Ceramics was founded in 1985 by two brothers, Santa and Laxmi Kumar Prajapati, with the ambition of building on their father’s pottery line of work. We have been making pottery and ceramics for decades with artisanal skills and craftsmanship that have been passed on from generation to generation.

We understood very early on that we had move with the times and look for substitutes to the arduous and laborious methods of pottery production. We wanted to preserve our family’s time-honored customs but at the same time, were not reluctant to introduce new methods, ideas, and technologies. Certain steps have been automated but the crux of the product being handmade still remains.

After having taken a month-long workshop, jointly organized by the German organization GIZ and the Government of Nepal, on the technical facets of ceramic production in 1983, and numerous other national and international trainings, we set out to manufacture glossy earthenware—different from the traditional unglazed earthenware our father made.

Few years later, as we kept probing, tinkering with and fine-tuning our product, we cooked up Stoneware—a novel and refined form of earthenware—that Thimi Ceramics is celebrated for now.

Handcrafted with love, from our home to yours