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What are Earthenware and Stoneware ?  … ...
Stoneware is very hard, water-resistant pottery made of non-porous clay, fired to the point of vitrification (1,200-1,280º C).

The clay color is dark brown, Glazing decorates and gives it a smooth, washable finish.  We have many glaze colors available, and will provide painted decoration or your logo on special order.

Compared to earthenware, which is soft, absorbs water and chips easily, stoneware does not scratch or chip and is waterproof.  It is microwave and dishwasher safe, can be produced thinner and lighter etc.

Earthenware Vs. Stoneware …

1. Soft                
2. Chips easily                 
3. Porous                          
4. Red or Brown color  
5. Good for decorative Products
6. Fired below 1080 °C
Difficult to chip
Dark Brown
Good for Tableware and decorative products
Fired above 1220 °C

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